Domestic violence is an issue that millions of people around the world struggle with, yet still seems to go unnoticed in many cases. Whether it be verbal or physical, abuse is a problem hard to detect, let alone solve. The 'Make Words Small' campaign focuses on the mental damage victims of abuse have to endure, and tries to encourage victims as well as the general public to start a conversation around domestic abuse. Abuse makes victims feel small. Therefore the posters can only be read from a frog's eye view, making the reader (feel) small, to sympathize with victims.

The poster campaign refers to the NCADV organization which mission is to lead, mobilize and raise voices to support efforts that demand a change of conditions that lead to domestic violence. On the 'Make Words Small' campaign website you will find a page where victims can share their experiences in a safe space and communicate with one another. As well as a page where anyone who's interested can sign a petition to support more research, and to enhance the open dialogue towards/concerning domestic violence.